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SF State's bayside marine and estuarine research facility.

Keck Lab Classroom


The Keck Teaching Laboratory is an essential component of our graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as our outreach program. The 1,440 square foot classroom is designed to house 18 students comfortably at a time, providing ample bench space. This new teaching laboratory allows us to offer a more advanced curriculum, and to greatly increase the number of students we can accommodate in our popular laboratory courses each year. State-of-the-art communication equipment such as computer projection systems and instructional microscopes will further enhance the quality of instruction, allowing our professors to offer innovative, hands-on teaching programs.

The teaching laboratory holds six large laboratory benches each accomodating three students each. Each laboratory bench is equipped with electrical power, state-of-the-art computer capabilities, and storage space. The lab includes a collapsing modern "wipe board" and built in projector screen for classroom presentations by the instructor or by students, individually or in working groups.


Basic laboratory facilites include two eight foot general use fume hoods, deonized water, gas and air; and bay water is provided in a designated area to facilitate live animal experiments. Other benches and cabinets house microscopes and other laboratory equipment that can be rotated into the classroom as needed. The facilities meet all laboratory code and safety requirements and have been designed to be wheelchair accessible in compliance with the ADA.


Thank you to the W.M. KECK FOUNDATION for making this classroom, and its tremendous impact on the student learning experience, a reality.


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